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Tired of wasting time and money on incorrect prototype samples?
Hire a professional tech pack company.

Save time and money and increase margins with a well-executed, comprehensive tech-pack.   We are a top-rated fashion design and tech pack company with decades of experience in Fashion design and development, ready to help you get your product made efficiently with clear and comprehensive garment, handbag, or other product tech packs.


What is a tech pack?

A technical package, commonly known as a tech pack or specs, is a detailed instructional document that acts as the blueprint for a manufacturer to follow when making your garment or product. Ultimately your tech pack becomes a master document to track revisions, comments, and other notes and details during product development. 
When outsourcing production, most factories will not accept an order unless a clear and detailed tech pack is provided. Having a comprehensive tech pack also gives you the ability to outsource pricing and production with multiple vendors, without having multiple samples made.

What does a tech pack look like?

There is no one standard template or “right way” to spec, but all good specs and tech packs include all the details, components, and instructions required for a manufacturer to turn your design into a finished product, such as: materials, seams, measurements, gradings, colorways, trim, hardware, labels, etc.

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Product Tech Packs

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Good tech packs save you money.

A well-executed tech pack streamlines your design and development process, improves your product’s quality, and reduces waste and development costs. With a good Tech Pack, the first sample you get back from a manufacturer should be close enough to what you want, if not perfect. Since you will pay for every sample that the factory has to make, [unless they haven’t followed the specs properly] the quality of a Tech Pack is super important to your budget and your calendar.

A poorly executed tech pack, on the other hand, can create delays because specifications aren’t clear or the design isn’t thought all the way through. Poor tech packs increase your development costs due to revisions and remaking samples, which increases material waste, transportation, and labor. It will cost you far more for 5 rounds of sampling than to pay for a good tech pack!

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